Employee Self Service

Allow your team to access their pay stubs, W2's and 1099's through our employee portal. 

Direct Deposit and Pay Cards

Save time and money by moving unbanked employees to our free payroll debit card. 

Finally! - Affordable Omaha Payroll Services

Get the Best Combination of Easy & Affordable Payroll Services Today.

American Family Insurance - Omaha, NE

"InsurPayroll saved my small business a lot of money and provided next level service in the process.."

- Kirk Rohman

Online Payroll Services supported by Omaha Payroll Experts

Our cloud-based payroll software allows for quick and easy payroll processing but you won't go at it alone.  Your business will be supported by a local Omaha payroll specialist and additionally, a secondary point of contact from our payroll company.  No call centers, no 1-800 numbers. 

So whether you need payroll services for one employee inside the Westroads Mall or 1000 in Aksarben, InsurPayroll makes running payroll easy

Step 1:

Enter hours worked, OT, commissions etc.

Step 2

Our system will calculate total wages & tax payments being deducted for your review.

Step 3

Submit, and you're done! 

Running Payroll in 3 easy steps.

Our clients say our payroll services cost 30% less than the rest.

You'll get the best combination of affordable & easy to use payroll services in Omaha. Not only will you save money and get a tax filings compliance guarantee, but you'll also be supported by a local and experienced payroll company. 

As your extended HR department, our team will not only help you avoid tax penalties but additionally help you identify  Work Opportunity Tax Credits and ways to reduce your payroll taxes.  When your small business needs help with the administration of section 125 plans, workers compensation or retirement services you can count on InsurPayroll to help walk you through it.   

Need help in or around Council Bluffs, IA or Lincoln, NE? - Our team is just a couple of minutes away.  InsurPayroll is committed to delivering local customer service and offering the best combination of affordable & easy to use human resources and payroll services.

Why you should choose InsurPayroll as your payroll company

Employee Onboarding

A new hires 1st day should be filled with excitement, not paperwork.  Save some trees and go paperless! 

Not all payroll processing companies are created equally.  As an IRS-certified provider, InsurPayroll is required to be fully insured and follow industry best practices. We use the information you provide from your employer identification numbers,  form W-4 and year to date payroll information to ensure that we withhold, pay, and file payroll taxes accurately on your behalf.  While using our payroll services, if you incur a penalty due to erroneous or late reporting on our behalf, we'll correct the issue and pay any associated penalties.  

Compliance Guaranteed

Modern Features Your Employees Will 

Watch a demo

Process payroll faster with our integrated payroll solutions. 

General Ledger Integration

Pay as you go Workers Comp

Our payroll software will help you track eligibility, file annual ACA forms and generate 1095c forms to distribute to your employees throughout your workforce.

Save administrative time and reduce costly errors with automated time and attendance tracking. 

Affordable Care Act 
POS & Time Clock Integrations

Eliminate a step and process payroll faster by seamlessly and automatically transferring employee retirement contribution information to your 401k plan administrator.

401k Administration Integration

Step 1.

If you are using our timekeeping software, this process is completed in just one click.  If not, you may provide us hours in a variety of ways including online, phone, and through secure email. Most of our clients simply input their hours into our online payroll software because of its ease of use.

Step 2.

Once hours are entered, our payroll software will automatically calculate the details of each contractor' and employee paycheck.  

Step 3.

The calculation can include hourly wages, overtime, tips, paid time off, benefits, and taxes being withheld. Pay close attention to the last line "        Total Cost of Payroll" as this is the amount that will be drafted from your bank upon submission. 

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Multiple ways to pay employees.

Choose between paying employees via direct deposit, paycheck or a free pay card.  Additionally, you may print check stubs or allow employees to view them through our cloud-based employee self-service portal or mobile app.

Save Time with Payroll Integrations

Depending on your payroll management needs, our company will complete any health, 401(k), workers comp, certified payroll or general ledger data dumps necessary through our integration tools.

Quarterly Reports & Payroll Tax Filings - Done for You.

Full-Service payroll means InsurPayroll will submit your payroll tax filings and payments to the proper federal, state and local tax agencies.  Additionally, we'll complete year-end reports including 1095's, W-2's & 1099's. 

New Hire Onboarding.

Found the perfect hire? We'll provide you with an online onboarding process or paper copies of each required new hire employee form they need to complete.

Payroll Reports.

All Omaha employers have record-keeping responsibilities.  InsurPayroll will help you manage HR by storing all employee data and reports inside our payroll system.

New Hire Reporting

After employee onboarding has been complete, InsurPayroll will submit the state-mandated new hire report to the state of Nebraska on your behalf. 

screenshot of nebraska new hire employee reporting form
A Detailed Breakdown of Running Payroll with InsurPayroll.
Payroll is Complete! 
- Your payroll duties are done. - We'll take it from here. 
  Need to Onboard a New Employee, Freelancer or Contractor?

Background screening

Ensuring you've hired the right employees & contractors is an HR management best practice.  Background screening isn't required but always a good option.  

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Quickly post payroll entries into your general ledger through our payroll integration.  Our system integrates with popular accounting software like Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Peachtree and more.

Nebraska employers are required to have workers compensation insurance.  Pay-as-you-go billing has proven to make premium payments more manageable, by eliminating or reducing large premium down payments.  


Need Payroll for Contractors?

-Easily pay contractors, freelancers & consultants online. 

Payroll for Contractors

Made Easy

Form 1099-MISC filed for you

Stop wasting time during tax season chasing contractors for information.  We'll onboard your contractors and automatically prepare and file their 1099's for you.

Direct Deposit

Put down the checkbook. Your contractors prefer the convenience of being paid via direct deposit. Save time by eliminating check writing.

Online Access

Allow your team to have individual access to their pay records and 1099's online at any time online or through our mobile app.

Starting at just $2.50 per contractor

With local customer service and pricing at just $2.50 per contractor, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value.

Ensuring compliance while running payroll for contractors.

It's no secret that choosing to hire independent contractors over employees cab save your business money. Unlike with employees, businesses avoid paying additional payroll taxes, insurance & benefits.

The potential to mislabel employees has caused the IRS & state tax authorities, now more than ever, to pay attention to who your business is considering an independent contractor.

A misclassification is costly, usually resulting in the business being ordered to pay back taxes as well as penalties for income taxes, Social Security, Medicare, workers comp and unemployment taxes. One or more of these penalties could easily force a business to close its doors.

If your intent is to hire independent contractors and you want to make sure there's no confusion, InsurPayroll's human resource team will help walk you through what's needed in order to stay in compliance.

We'll make sure that you're having the correct documents signed and that you as an employer fully understand the behavior, financial and relationship metrics the department of labor uses to classify whether a worker is an independent contractor or an employee.

Using our payroll services allows our clients the ability to pay employees and contractors from the same system. You can pay by check, direct deposit or through our free payroll debit card.  Additionally, we will complete and send out 1099's for every independent contractor you paid through our payroll service.

Payroll reports are available to be downloaded on demand or set to automatically distribute to decision-makers in your company. Our payroll software can be set to sync with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks. Our reports allow you to see how much you’re spending on contracting each month to better actively manage costs.

Running a business is hard enough, let InsurPayroll handle calculating payroll tax withholdings, correctly classifying employees and finding ways to reduce your payroll taxes.

We're interested in becoming your payroll department so you can focus on what matters most, running your business.


Save Money with Small Business Payroll Processing 

Payroll Services FAQ's.

Is There A Payroll Setup Fee?

No! Also, if you are switching from a different payroll provider, we can obtain your payroll information and set your entire account set up for you, for free.

What If I Have Questions?

In Council Bluffs, Lincoln or the City of Omaha? We can stop by or you could simply call and work one on one with your assigned local Omaha payroll professional.

What size companies do you service?

The majority of our clients are small businesses. Our clients range in size from just one employee to a couple hundred in multiple states.

How Much does Payroll Services Cost?

Whether you have a Warren Buffet size payroll or simply just need to pay yourself - Our cost starts out as little as $2.50 per employee and is determined by employee count and payroll frequency.

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Everything your Business needs to Pay Employees and Stay Compliant. 

  • A Full-service payroll provider with modern technology employees love.
  • Local payroll and human resource experts helping you grow your business.
  • A quick and easy way to pay your employee's via our payroll preparation service.
  • Nebraska, Federal, FUTA, SUTA, FICA withholdings and tax deposits done for you.
  • A choice of paying employees via checks, direct deposit, or payroll debit cards.
  • Third-party administration of benefits, 401k plans, garnishments, and more.
  • Quarterly and year-end reporting including W2's, 1099's and ACA forms.
  • To run payroll weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or quarterly.
  • Tracking and accrual of sick, personal, and vacation time
  • Time & Attendance programs integrated with payroll.