Employee Management

Manage salary, benefit status and OSHA incidents all in one source.   

Protect Your Business

Stay compliant with ACA, FLMA and other government regulatory requirements. 

Employee Onboarding

Go paperless.  Improve efficiencies and eliminate your HR files by streamlining your workflows.

Job History

Access records remotely and maintain accurate data for all employees.

Dedicated HR Rep

Work 1 on 1 with one of our HR pros to develop custom policies, handbooks and more!

Training & Certification Management

Track employees mandated training & certifications status' with automated alerts.

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Human Resources


Human Resource Management

Whether your business needs the award-winning technology of iSolved or simply the support of our certified HR professionals - InsurPayroll can help you eliminate the administrative hassle of human resources. With less administration on your plate, you will have more time to focus on what really matters, your employees.

Interviewing & Hiring
Acting as an extension of your human resources department, InsurPayroll can optionally save you time by interviewing, onboarding and off-boarding employees on your behalf. Most small businesses are experts in something other than employment law, our certified HR professionals will take the risk of unlawful hiring or firing techniques off of your plate. Hiring the wrong employee is costly and that is why our team is trained to spot inconsistencies while interviewing, reviewing resumes, and the back screening process. Our team can help you administer or source personality tests and skill assessments to narrow down which candidates may be a better fit for your unique job and company culture.

Learning, Training and Development

As your business develops, so should your employees. InsurPayroll is available to help train and development managers and employees throughout your organization. Our employee training services can be created to enhance the development of your new hires or existing employees. InsurPayroll will work in conjunction with your department managers and supervisors to identify skill gaps and training needs of your employees.

Compensation & Total Rewards
Allowing InsurPayroll to handle employee payroll means you can be sure that your employees are being paid accurately and on time, with the correct deductions made. Not only can we handle your company payroll but our team can handle compensation analysis to ensure your employees are being paid correctly and according to the Omaha Market. Compensation analysis plays a major part in ensuring your company is positioned well to recruit and retain top area talent.

Employee Benefits
Managing every aspect of employee benefits can be a large time commitment for most small businesses. InsurPayroll can help you manage your employee benefits program including health and dental insurance, long-term care, employee assistance, and wellness programs. Our team will keep track of employee absences and handle legal obligations like family medical leave. Our team will make sure your employees receive the proper notices regarding benefit eligibility or if benefits are no longer available because of a layoff or termination.

Employee Relations
Small business employee relations can be tricky, especially in a city like Omaha where everyone knows everyone. InsurPayroll can help your company maintain the relationship between employees and management by promoting communication and fairness within the company. Our trained staff can also help you handle disputes between employees, labor unions and company management.

Employment Law
Employers are responsible for correctly interpreting and enforcing employment and labor laws such as equal employment opportunity, fair labor standards, benefits and wages, and work hour requirements. Our team of certified HR professionals will help you investigate harassment and discrimination complaints and ensures company officials remain compliant with the United States and Nebraska Department of Labor regulations. Our team of hr professionals can help you develop employee handbooks that explain company policies and procedures to new hires.

HR Help One Call Away

  • InsurPayroll provides your business with a certified SHRM representative to help you manage employees and compliance hassles.
  • We will handle Human Resources administration so you can focus on generating revenue for your business.
  • We can revise your existing or develop a customized employee handbook for your business.
  • Our online Human Resource Management tools create less paperwork and more accurate records.
  • We’ve got your back, we will inform you of looming legislative changes and provide advice on what to do next.
  • Mitigate the risk of Health Care Reform and compliance fines with tools and dashboards.

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Did you know:

The #1 reason for employee turnover is an absent or ineffective talent management process?